American political issue ownership and framing
Tomasz Płudowski
Format B5, objętość 320 stron, oprawa miękka, 2019
ISBN 978-83-7545-920-3
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This analysis is probably the first English-language book on U.S. political communication published by a Polish scholar. Based in empirical research, it offers considerations leading towards an attempt to create a theoretical framework for electoral party appeals. By no means, are these trivial or artificial deliberations based on desk research. As such, the study should become an invaluable source of knowledge for all researchers of politics, campaigns, and elections, as well as for students of the humanities and social sciences. The author has been an internationally active scholar for almost two decades. During that time, Dr. Płudowski has published and translated a number of relevant works.

Łukasz Wordliczek, Ph.D., Jagiellonian University, Cracow

The publication designed by Dr. Płudowski concentrates on collecting a historically and thematically broad body of knowledge. Consequently, it goes outside the U.S. political and electoral system by including a detailed analysis of the relations between several dimensions: social-economic (including welfare), state-political, and axiological, represented by electoral messages coming from leading U.S. politicians of the last 70 years. Creating theoretical frameworks based in issue ownership and framing theories, the book offers a unique approach towards this comprehensive and multifaceted problem. However, what is most valuable about this work is its attempt at developing an original model reflecting the persuasive and ideological differences between the Democrats and the Republicans in the American political system.

Stanisław Mocek, Ph.D., Professor of Collegium Civitas, Warsaw

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