European Union Development. Challenges and Strategies
Joanna Dyduch, Małgorzata Michalewska-Pawlak, Ryan Murphy
Format B5, objętość 360 stron, oprawa miękka, 2014
ISBN 978-83-7545-487-1
Sugerowana cena detaliczna brutto: 49.00

The publication represents a multi-dimensional and multi-faced, in depth assessment of the most significant determinants of the EU development as a political, economic and legal entity, in its format emerging from the Lisbon Treaty. The book represents an important contribution to our understanding of the most profound issues in the recent process of EU integration, including the issue of maintaining its cohesion and coherence under the stress of global challanges faced also by the European Union. Autohors formulated worthwhile conclusions of high value not only for academics but also for political decision-makers, which gives the book same competitive edge over its more theoretical and, hence, less practice-oriented, knack. The arumentation presented in the book would not be left without a reaction of the academic and/or professional circles. I take it almost for granted that the overall setting of the argumentation presented in it, as well as specific points made in its various chapters would find their adequate resonance in a high profile discussion likely to emerge after the book would have been published.

prof. UW, dr hab. Artur Nowak-Far (Warsaw School of Economics, School of Public Policy)

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