The Tie of God
Feng Ping
Format A5, objętość 308 stron, oprawa miękka, 2018
ISBN 978-83-7545-899-2
Sugerowana cena detaliczna brutto: 39.00

The story happened in the winter of 2016. A Chinese student, Wang Xi, who does her PhD studies of international relations in Warsaw has a romantic relation with a man whom she shouldn’t love. Later, as if arranged by destiny, a diplomat of the educational department in the Chinese Embassy made a mistake about Wang Xi’s affair, which caused the attention from intelligence services in Poland. The heroine is gradually involved into political disturbance of Poland, with involvement of opposition party and even politicians from other countries. Luckily thanks to her strong will and wisdom, she had felt God’s blessing, which was occasionally, detected by the intelligence services with the use of a quantum mechanism. As time went on, she walked out of the storm, and people involved began to take care of her and help her. What has happened has become a valuable experience to her.

The story shows the life of Chinese communities in Warsaw. It is a combination of elements of a spy novel, psychology test, myths, political conflicts and heart breaking love story.

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